Sustainable Futures

Sustainability is more about integration over innovation. Sustainable solutions for the products in the future need to be diverse. We need to consider everything.

This is a set of 120 biomaterial encyclopedia cards designed to make exploring materials easier during the design process. With makers in mind we needed to test it. A small group of Industrial Designers and I held a design challenge centered around how we might re-utilize these materials in the future. 

Create a story for how a kid could have fun in 2030.

We researched a wide range of biomaterials to then simplify this information for playing cards. Each group of sustainability gurus and students were given a few cards to review + create a story.

A Material Exploration Tool

Designing for Sustainability



Encouraging designers to design with mindfulness of our earth and consumption through the imaginative minds of kids.

Green for Natural — Purple for Polymer


Sustainability is very close to my heart. Around 12, I wanted to be an eco architect. I believe change starts with the individuals and even more so makers. It's your own awareness of what is around you but it is the makers who control of what is made.

Group Research
Esmerly Presentation, Research, Facilitator
Me Art Director, Research, Facilitator

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