Conceptual Mindfulness Orb

Realtime Brainwave Visualization

Does seeing your own mental state help you be more aware of how your are feeling? Could helps humanity be more mindful. As a technology, eeg nodes can read electrical pulses in our brains can be measured and can control technology. 

Using the power of the mind to transform the orb, I was inspired by visual AI orbs in science fiction. When meditating the goal would be to relax the mind visualized by a small dense sphere. The orb expands with an active mind, measured by increased levels of attention and concentration.

Realtime Brainwave Visualization

The brain is composed of a vast network of neurons. Each neuron transmits information through electrochemical activity that creates tiny electric fields. The way to measure this is through a electroencephalogram. The EEG works by placing electrodes all over the scalp and then reading in the electrical signals for analysis.

mindwave 2

Physical computing with a digital visualization. 

A snippet of the code used to translate the raw EEG states of either meditative or concentration to determine the size and color of the morphing shape.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 6.58.31 PM
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I enjoyed hacking the eeg for processing. It was quite a task to convert the wireless dongle to connect to the serial port to access the raw data to then visualize and manipulate in processing. It was quite a hit at the exhibit I showcased.