Wave Morphism 

Brain Wave Visualizations

For my Physical Computing course, I was interested in how electrical pulses in our brains can control things. How knowing our own mental states helps us better be more mindful.

Here, my brainwaves are controlling the size and color of the sphere. The smaller sphere is where I am more relaxed and the larger sphere is visualizing my increased levels of attention and concentration.

Hacking the EEG reader

The brain is composed of a vast network of neurons. Each Neuron transmits information through electrochemical activity that creates tiny electric fields. The way we measure this is through a electroencephalogram. The EEG works by placing electrodes all over the scalp and then reading in the electrical signals for analysis.

mindwave 2


A snippet of the code used to translate the raw EEG states of either meditative or concentration to determine the size and color of the morphing shape.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 6.58.31 PM
Letter Copy


I enjoyed hacking the eeg for processing. It was quite a task to convert the wireless dongle to connect to the serial port to access the raw data to then visualize and manipulate in processing. It was quite a hit at the exhibit I showcased.

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